Essay about turtle

Essay about turtle

Turtles are part of the fauna of our world. The slowest animals, if we consider the speed of their movement. They were entered eight times in the red book. The population reaches three million individuals, while the number of new species does not increase. At this point in time, there are about three hundred kinds of turtles. The greater half live in water, and has not evolved for several centuries.

In all cultures turtles have a special place. Many consider them to be the saviors of the human race, because of the special abilities of the body, the tortoise has repeatedly saved people. Many tribes used them for food, after using pots and water storage facilities. It is known that many islanders still gather rainwater in their shells, thereby creating a permanent source of water in hard-to-reach places.

Turtles are also dangerous predators. According to the latest data, obtained as a result of research, it became clear how exactly the animals win hunger. In conditions when turtles can not find the usual food, they can safely switch to meat. In this case, it is documented that turtles often eat gulls, folding their necks.
Turtles live in small flocks, ten individuals each.

The minimum number is equal to five, however, depending on the species, the turtles can live in proud solitude. There is a certain gradation in the number of heads in the pack, and at the age of her oldest member. In this case, the turtles at any time can change the flock, choosing for her those brethren that are in a different halo of habitat.

Turtles are also used as food. For the first time turtle soup was served in 1899, and became the national dish of Nicaragua. The king of this country even introduced a tortoise day, in order to strengthen the holiday with its population. Every year the cooks are made in the ability to cook this dish. Receiving the royal award.

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  1. Interesting and educational article.You can learn a lot about this reptile.I learned that there are carnivorous individuals among them that rides meat.And you can safely bite off your finger and even hand.

  2. Turtles are very ancient creatures. In addition, they are recruits in the expected life expectancy. For example, the turtles of the Galapagos can live up to 200 years. Some zoologists believe that the tortoise, in the form that we all know, formed about 200 million years ago.

  3. I really like this essay. I am a huge fan of turtles. I didn’t know about the flocks and the number of individuals. My turtle Zina lived with me for 20 years. My parents presented it to me on my birthday. Zina was so small. It was love at the first sight. We grew up together. Turtles can’t talk, bark or etc. like other animals, but they do feel your emotions.

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