Essay about the internet

Essay about the internet

Well, I’ll start by saying that Internet has a great importance in modern world. Some teenagers couldn’t imagine their lives without Internet. They communicate with friends and relatives, do shopping, read books and magazines, earn money through the Internet. To my mind, computer and Internet are the greatest inventions of humanity. 
Today Internet give every person the ability to say his mind about anyone news or situations. It goes without saying, lots of middle-aged people and pensioners are crazy about using Internet. They also have accounts in social hubs and comment news that happened in the world.

I believe that Internet is a universal way of sharing information in modern life. If something happened two minutes ago, you know as soon as possible about it. Also you have the ability to ask for something in your account in social hubs urgently. You can watch sport, historical and other teaching videos in special services such as YouTube.

Naturally, Internet has his own disadvantages. For example, many people spend their time in Internet uncontrollably. It’s very harmful for quality of eyesight and for good posture. Every person should regulate of time which he spends with computer and he will be able to save his health.

Personally me, I’m really into computer and Internet. I have an Internet at my tablet and I enjoy communicating in social hubs. Despite this, I try to communicate in real life more than in Internet.

Summing everything up, I should say that Internet is The World Wide Web and sometimes it’s very difficult to resist don’t using the Internet so long. Modern life is impossible without using Internet. Beyond all doubts, virtual world is very tempting. In my opinion, if the person really talented, he will have his own spectators both on the Internet and in reality.

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  1. I agree with the author. The Internet made it possible for people to see the world around them, to look into the full point of the world in a couple of seconds, to find and obtain the necessary information. But he also gave scammers a large field for committing crimes. Although in my opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons.

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