Essay about “the importance of good discipline”

Essay about “the importance of good discipline”

Few people know that in fact, the very concept of discipline was born only in the Middle Ages. Kings could not build an army, without creating a subtle illusion of control over the majority. It was convenient to use people, but in such a way that they were definitely satisfied. It was not exactly known exactly how soldiers could improve their own results, killing people with special interest. So, in this case, several tactics of communicating with the crowd were worked out. Most of them with minimal changes are used to this day.

Have a good discipline is especially important if you hold a leadership position. Work is more advantageous not for wear and tear, using only a part of personal skills. Time is priceless, and if you properly dispose of it, sometimes you can achieve excellent results in just a short time. It is also important to understand what exactly makes you fulfill the agreed working conditions, and why most people do not have a normal discipline. Answering these questions, you will help personally to work better.

In addition to good discipline, you also need to monitor your own body. It so happened that only by following certain actions, and leading a normal life, one can demand from the body the maximum return. Psychological health also depends on how you manage your personal time, and how to spend free moments of rest.

It is necessary not only to eat properly, so that in case of need to develop the capacity of the body to the maximum number of percents. But also to play sports in order to accustom the body to constant loads. This is the only way to develop discipline in all sectors at once, refusing both harmful food and the opportunity to stop following the agreed rules, forgetting about them forever.

Discipline allows you to correctly dispose of time, walking through life with your head held high. Many plans can be made just because of it.

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  1. No one doubts that discipline is the key to success and development. Only consistent and timely actions can lead to high results in all spheres of life. But along with discipline, one should not forget about relaxation and rest. You should be able to afford to be a bit unplanned and spontaneous. This will create a sense of ease through which you can come to creativity.

  2. You are right: discipline is very important! In life, nothing can be achieved unless you are accustomed to certain rules that must be respected. Let’s take the same daily routine. If you do not plan important things in advance, you can forget something.

  3. I agree, the Japanese say that discipline overcomes ingenuity, and this seems to be a reality because we can be very intelligent for some activity but if we are not disciplined in its execution or practice of insurance we will not obtain optimal results.

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