Essay about teenage pregnancy

Essay about teenage pregnancy

Essay about teenage pregnancy
Everyone knows that modern society is a rapidly developing and “early” system. But the worst thing-is that the girls also very quickly become “prolific”. Since young girls can not yet cope with sexual desire, there are unforeseen situations when they are not ready for pregnancy psychologically, become such physically.

This is very dangerous, because boys and part-time future fathers, as a rule, are not always ready for such a turn of events in their lives. Few of them are able to sacrifice themselves for a new life, because of their stupidity born. The bulk of potential fathers are teenagers of the same age as future “mothers”

Many girls, having learned about such “problems”, want to have an abortion, but this is not an option, as they kill future children, the opportunity to have offspring at an older age. The biggest problem of adolescence is the maximalism and overabundance of hormones, which often push girls to “feats” of violation of chastity. Guys at first fully support them in this decision, but when the girl learns about the pregnancy, the enthusiasm and desire to be with the beloved to the end is lost.

Often pregnant girls from high school – this is due primarily to the first experience of intimacy, love. The young ladies are just beginning to “Mature”, which leads to a rather contradictory result of the first sexual experience.
The problem of teenage pregnancy has become acute due to the fall of morality among the world’s population, the promotion of depraved lifestyles among many peoples of the world.

The penetration of adult films into the Internet has also increased the level of early pregnancy of children.
It should be noted that from such “news” parents of girls too not delighted – it is often shock, especially for mothers of future “women in labor”.

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  1. This is a global problem of our time. In particular, due to the fact that in most cases children are brought up in single-parent families and do not receive the necessary education, various types of incidents occur. Moreover, the propaganda of debauchery and permissiveness does its job. I believe that it is just necessary to revive the normal institution of family and marriage.

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