Essay about Philippines politics and governments

Essay about Philippines politics and governments

The Philippines is a state based on a monarchical system. The choice of the ruler is due to the built-in system of inheritance, and no one can go against the created restrictions. Norms are built in such a way that even in case of an uprising, the government under the auspices of the king, or any other member of the royal family, immediately moves to a specified point where it begins to operate autonomously. For this reason, the country has several financial accounts that are in different jurisdictions.

In addition to the king, the Philippines has a flexible system of two houses of parliament. At the same time, there is also a personal advice of the king, who plans various reforms, and then passes them on for discussion in other instances.
But a few decades ago, the situation changed radically. Supporters of fundamental reforms came to power. At the head stood the president, elected by popular vote.

The monarchy was abolished, taking all the wealth for the needs of the country. At the same time, no one conducted military pressure on the representatives of the royal family. By law, they even crossed large lands in the east of the country, where they can live for their own pleasure until the end of their days.

But the basic decision-making system remained unchanged. The council of the king became the president’s advice on urgent matters and matters. The parliament changed, and only one chamber remained. Law enforcement agencies also received more opportunities, which give them direct rights to impose a state of emergency, putting the President of the Philippines before the fact the very next day after the decision.

At the same time, the country’s economy has not changed from these changes. The results gave only a positive effect, and the small growth allowed to significantly raise the prestige of the president. The Philippines has just begun to develop, and no one knows exactly what this result will lead to.

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  1. Each country has its own individual history of development! In the modern world, the Philippines are taking their place! One way or another, however, the state moves in its policy towards the democratic foundations of society!

  2. Good to know that political changes done without any weapon pressure in Philippines. Political system develops, but traditions stay valued. Think that units all society members.

  3. “The Philippines is a state based on a monarchic system.” This is like a new world for me. I did not know that there is such a system in the Philippines. It is necessary to learn more.

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