Essay about love

Essay about love

Essay about love

One of the most discussed feelings in the world is considered to be love. It is also a much desired one. A baby and an old person can equally ask for love and give to another person. That is why the topic ‘love’ is never outdated.
Between a man and a woman love begins as a historically based emotion: we cannot recollect the time when people began to feel love to each other, but through the history of mankind love has always been accompanying people. And this makes people reflect it in music (love songs, for example ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles), in belles-lettres (the poem ‘Eugene Onegin’ by A. Pushkin), in paintings (‘Unequal marriage’ by V. Pouckirev), in the cinema (the film ‘Romeo and Juliet’, 1968) and also in politics (letters of Bonaparte to his wife).

While trying to express fascinating feelings a person also tries to understand why he or she loves, what characteristics of the beloved person are and if it possible not only to love but be loved. I think if we threw away books about love, completely about love or connected with it, we could have a very small and specialized library of texts for certain groups of people (economists, politicians and so on).

But one should remember: books about love are for everybody, they are universal in their target – they are for all human beings.

Love is not only for humans: our pets and even plants wish to be loved. This is a common knowledge for those who have pets for a long period of life. In this case pets may love each other (this is a special kind of love, but it is still love) and take care of each other (cats, for example) or pets may show their love to their masters: you have seen, I am sure, videos with dogs waiting for their master (for example, the film about Hachicko).

Can love be a sad thing, too? Yes, of course: if a desired person does not love you; if the love of your life is over; if you cannot find love in your heart for a long time. But remember: you will be still thinking about love and waiting for it and reading about it with readiness in any age.

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