Essay about love stories

Essay about love stories

All of us, one way or another, have to listen to love stories. Some people like them, and someone turns inside out. Of course, you can not condemn a person if his point of view is different from your opinion. Although, love stories are sometimes so ridiculous that I really want to say a lot of unflattering expressions.
All the narrators of love can be divided into 3 groups, which are related to each other on a thematic basis.
The first group includes those who tell about those love stories that happened to him and ended unsuccessfully for the narrator.
The second group is storytellers about other people who met love on their way.
The third is the inventors, dreamers, inventing those stories about love, which actually did not exist, but they are theoretically possible.

Of course, many other groups can be singled out, but these are the ones that are most common in any society.

Often hear from men who have experienced not the best option love relationships that their “brunhilde” Saami vile of all women living on Earth. This is a bad relationship, which could not be maintained or simply was not fate. Sometimes were to blame men, but and a Golden half of often deserves such words, although real a man should not itself such a allow. That’s fair.

Not only men, but also women like to “wash” bones to their “admirers”, especially if they, in their opinion, are guilty of parting. This is also a fairly large group of people. They often clock is ready to tell each other of nasty guys that they have been badly treated, and not all of these “storytelling is so straightforward as they are presented.

Often you can hear not only the negative about the participants of the events of a love affair, but also the positive that happened to the storytellers. It’s worth listening to love stories for.

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  1. One classic writer said that all happy families are happy in the same manner but unhappy families have so different reasons to be unhappy. Think that works to love stories. Happy love stories are quite similar in their happy end. But stories about complicated relations are very different in their details. That is the reason why unhappy stories are popular in literature and film making.
    But I like happy end more, because it is too much stress in the world and happy end give some kind of psychological support.

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