Essay about love for family

Essay about love for family

Essay about love for family

Family is the phenomenon that makes mankind evolve and have support. That’s why the most sacred kind of love on the Earth is love for family. This love is necessary as it makes people more virtuous and at the same time it gives them confidence in their future.
To implement love for family we need attachment to family life or, as it can be put in other words, inclination to family relationship. We understand from this point of view that a fully grown up person (psychologically, not according to his or her age) has a chance to understand the importance of love for his or her family. The chance is more possible if one’s family – the family one has grown up in – is full of love and shows what love for family is.

As I understand it is no good to deny love for family: our families are our wealth. From time immemorial people have been asking the question ‘Is it possible to be happy without having family relations’?

Love for family includes several components to be realized; they are love, friendship, understanding, affection and attachment between a husband and a wife, between parents and children, between grandparents and grandchildren, between children (brothers, sisters and may be cousins). Is it not a complicated thing? I mean – love for family. Yes, it is. How can several people live together to make the discussed love possible? How can they find points of contact to develop it? I think this question can find its unique answer in each unique family.

The core of love for family is Mother. She must be wise and thoughtful to show how important this love is. She must remove obstacles and problems that can ruin her family and the thought about necessity to glorify the feeling for her family.

The deep attitude for family through love can be developed through different traditions and family events: they show that family members are important to each other and that only in their unity they are strong and can achieve their aims.
Love and family should always be united.

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  1. If you do not mind, I will share my thoughts about theme, that is mentioned in the article above.In my humble opinion, love among members of the family is one of the most important things

  2. I liked your essay thank you for sharing it. It’s true that family is most important micro socoety in everybodys live. A lot of times the environment were kids are growing up is reflected on who will they become in the future. Also if you have troubles in the family it will reflect on your effectivness at work or school, that is why we all should treat our family members with love and respects, because it will too hard to live wthout them.

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