Essay about life

Essay about life

Essay about life

Life is the thing given to any live being. This can be said from a biological point of view. I think we, human being, consider the notion ‘life’ in this connection. If you hear the word ‘life’ you may think about hard of happy life. This is a philosophical part of the notion ‘life’. Life can be treated as a gift given once in somebody’s period of living existence. Let you think about life in this or that respect, it makes no difference: life is important, life is supreme for us.

The first thing about life that interests any person on this planet is where life has come from and why it has appeared and if it can come to its end some day. Considering the third question we would like to mention so called ‘the end of the world’: people desire to live, to have life in them but they (not all of them, of course) wish to see what ‘the end of the world’ is, that is the end of life on the Earth. On the other hand most of these people believe in life after life. Doesn’t this show how precious life is for them? And this is despite many difficulties and problems in our life.

Life is a very private thing. You may remember the song ‘It’s my life’ (Bon Jovi) reflecting the desire to live and to live one’s own life. Most parents understand that they should bring up their children to live their own life. But not all of them: there are still ones wishing to put, so to say, their own way of life into their children. This must not happen in any way because any person’s destiny is to live through his or her unique life.

The saddest thing about life is that it can be taken from us not only because of natural reasons (I mean ‘death’), it can be taken by other people (murderers). As we understand, one’s life is finished by somebody else’s life: life is destroyed by life.

We should value our life, take care of life, and remember that we have only one life and that our life is terminal but not vain.

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