Essay about letters

Essay about letters

How do we learn information from our ancestors? How do we learn from them, learn from them, and learn from various useful skills and achievements? How can we learn about historical events, victories and failures? In today’s world, it is enough to just ask your parents or look at any book or directory. Or just find this information on the Internet.
Nevertheless, in ancient times it was not all. In addition, that is why people started drawing different pictures on the rocks. They beat them out on a tree or on a stone by means of special tools. On the rocks were images of various animals, birds, and fish and so on. People are somehow able to draw the stories of their lives. Looking at these pictures, you can understand what was happening in their lives.

Then came the so-called chroniclers. They created letters in which the whole history of life was described. There was everything: important historical dates, such as victories and defeats, birth and death of people, training in some cases and just the usual narrative of something.

From this we can conclude that letters (or chronicle) – a historical genre, which is a weather, more or less detailed record of historical events.
They covered different periods to describe. Some description came from the biblical events, and some, from the settling of the lands of the Slavs. It describes the emergence of the state, the adoption of Christianity.

They described all the historical events that occurred in Ancient Russia. Each period described in them, of course, carries elements of ideology and propaganda of unification, description of the merits of princes. In addition to historical events, there is a description of the state policy, the way of life of the Slavs.

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