Essay about important food

Essay about important food

Each country has its own popular food, which is available all over the world. It’s the food that directly determines how you can understand the history of an entire nation. The world is defined by three simple things – food, knowledge, education of children. Only with the help of all three components, it is necessary to realize the scale of a particular nation. And understand their traditions in spite of different things.

Popular food is a separate topic. If you are in Mexico, be sure to try Mexican chili, burrito, or, a large cake. If you are in Italy, you should order a paste, or try a mousse of seafood. Arriving in Russia, you should order yourself pancakes with caviar, or buy a portion of okroshki.

Traveling around the world, you can get acquainted with the whole spectrum of national popular food. You can eat it at special restaurants that are even in your city. When learning food, you can understand the way of the whole country. That is why food is called the method of understanding thousands of languages.

But besides useful popular food, there is also unhealthy food. It is also popular, but now, there is her recommend at your own peril and risk. Such food is sold in any store. It usually has a bright design to attract the attention of the end user.
There is such a meal should not be in large quantities. It can cause a variety of diseases, and it is sometimes impossible to cure them immediately.

You will slowly kill your body, consuming foods with a high sugar content. Such food causes obesity, and this disease is capable of killing you. So, you need to understand that popular food is not always useful. Sometimes, you just buy a harmful product, giving it, at the same time, a large sum of money.
Eat the right food, getting to know better, with the culture of different countries. Than buying a famous soda, and spoiling her body.

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  1. It is interesting that in Moscow there is a place called Street Eat. You can come there and try food from different countries in one place and learn about the culture of eating in different countries

  2. It is great pleasure to travel and taste national food. In my dreams I would like to be famous restaurant critic visiting restaurants in different countries tasting food and rising points for it. Also, think that there are many cultural cliché for food either for other aspects of life in different countries. So, travel the world, taste food and make your own opinion.

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