Essay about friends

Essay about friends

Somebody once said: ‘Friend in need is a friend indeed”. Personally me, I fully agree with this quotation. I must admit, friendship plays really huge role in my life. But for my friends, I would get into many funny situations. I know for sure, my friends always will be able to help me to solve the worst problems. Being good friend, I try to do their best to be patient, kind and wise for my friends. I must confess, rarely we have conflicts a little, but conflicts and quarrels have no ability to destroy real friendship.
It’s very difficult to find the best friend. But I believe that without friendship my life could be boring, dull and empty. In my opinion, it’s very important, how much time can you spend your friend with. If you met with the family of your best friend, it’s also really beautiful.

My best friend has some disadvantages, but it is common knowledge that the world has no ideal person. I am quite sure that I have some disadvantages, too, and I try to eliminate it.

If you have really good friend, you can borrow money, go to the shop, park or museum, to have an interesting time with him.
As for me, I have met with my best friend for two years. I know almost all about him and he knows almost all about me. It’s a pity, but my best friend lives in other city now. I suppose, we will communicate as much as possible.

Finally, I must say that every meeting can be really worthwhile and each new friend, probably, will be very close for you in future. It is interesting to point out, every person has his own character traits and friends very often understand each other so beautiful because of the related character traits. As the one famous English writer J. Golsworthy once said “Friendship is the only value between individuals”. I wish I had so crazy, funny, kind, honest and smart friends in future, as I have now.

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  1. The Russians have a saying “A friend in need is a friend indeede”. This is really true. The real relationship to you from a friend can be learned only in a severe and difficult situation.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about such an important subject in everybodies lives – friendship. You are absolutely right friends are people we usually have the best of times with. And friends are basically mirror of ourselves. There’s an interested saying : ” tell me who is your friend and I’ll tell you who you are”, that’s true because we chose friends according to our common interests and goals,but of course we all are individuals and have different character,but with friends yu can always find common ground. Because in the end of a day if theirs trouble ahead friend will always stand by your side.

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