Essay about “Financial Aid letter”

Essay about “Financial Aid letter”

I am writing to you on the grounds that now, unfortunately, I am experiencing big financial problems. Do not get me wrong, I’m not trying to ask you just to give me the amount of money stipulated in the letter. But since I have no other ways to solve this problem, and I myself am on the verge of despair, I have to write to you. In the hope that you still decide to answer my call for help.
I myself always wanted to get an education, what to do next with him safely in life. It is not necessary to say that the ability to use your brain is now highly valued. And experts in narrow spheres, as a rule, have superiority over their obvious competitors. However, I never thought that outside circumstances would interfere with me.

After graduation, my family planned to send me to study in China, where I could just get the profession that interests me. Even money was put off for training, which my parents collected for a long time and almost all over the world. But when the whole amount was collected, and only had to receive a certificate, a terrible event occurred.

My father died, and all the funds raised just went to his funeral. I’m sure you understand the difficult situation that I immediately found myself in. All dreams literally collapsed against the wall of reality, and I do not know what I need to do now. On the one hand, this is not your business, and you can safely ignore me.

Who am I to ask you to help me financially. Just one more unfamiliar young man, but believe me, I would be glad to give you the amount that you would forward to me.

I can get an education, and work out the money that you spent on it. Let it not be right away, but I will definitely earn the right amount of money. For you, these are excellent investments in the future, and I will try. You can always have on hand a specialized professional in your question.

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