Essay about culture

Essay about culture

How often do we hear this word, what meaning does it have and what does it mean? Culture of speech, culture, food culture, etc. There are many different definitions of this concept, for example: “culture-a human activity in its various manifestations, including all forms and methods of human self-expression and self-knowledge, the accumulation of human and society in General skills.”
Each person should be directly involved in the maintenance of culture and its further development.
As history shows, most of the people who were subsequently classified as geniuses were created in isolation from society. Talented people engaged in any creative activity, like to repeat: the real art requires loneliness. I cannot argue with this statement, because I am a creative person myself.

To create something of cultural value, you need to protect yourself from society for the period of creation of works of art. So that no one distracts from the process. Of course, such isolation does not mean that you need to completely protect yourself from communicating with other people. The society has firmly entered our life. Communication is what allows a person to become a part of society. I know that there are many people in the world with similar views on life, cultural values, moral principles. Each of us is looking for just such people – like us. Uniting with common interests, we unwittingly create our own society-with its rules, laws.

Culture is a person’s ability to be polite, considerate and well-mannered. Also, cultural people know the history of their country, their family. They are well versed in art, literature and have excellent oral and written speech. Thus, a cultured person will always achieve what he wants. He has the necessary knowledge and, most importantly, he understands the importance of true moral values and is able to distinguish them from false ones.

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