Essay about Cricket

Essay about Cricket

How to play cricket?
Cricket is one of the traditional sport games of the England that begins its history from the early 16th century and gains its popularity all over the world. Nowadays there are several cricket championships, including the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Test Series and One Day series.
The name of the game probably came from the name of the shepherd’s stick, which was used to lock the gate to the pasture, and it was called “cric”. But the exact origin of this word remains in doubt.
Cricket is played on a large oval grassy field, but the most important events take place in the center, on a specially prepared track called pitch. It is 20 meters long and 3 meters wide.

There are two teams of 11 people on the field, of which 4-5 bowlers and 5-6 batsmen. Another important player in the game is the wicket-keeper. The main task of the game is to destroy the opponent “wicket” with the ball. If one team scores more points during the batting process than the other, it wins the match. So, the goal of the game of cricket is to score more points than the opponent.

Points are awarded for the so-called “runs”. The number of runs depends on how far the batsman has batted the ball given to him. The further the ball flew, the more time the players of the bowling team will spend to bring it back to the center of the field. At this time the second batsman, moving from one wicket to another, collects these runs.

Players of the opposing team are dispersed on the playing field. They have to catch the ball and return it to the game. In case the ball is caught and returned to the game before the end of the run of the batsmen, the run is considered lost, and the batsman leaves the game. Also, the elimination of the batsman occurs if the batted ball was caught in the air or the inning was not repulsed at all.

The abundance of subtleties often leads to the fact that cricket matches are delayed for several days. That’s why loyal fans never come to the competition with empty hands – they bring food and drinks.
The most famous cricketers are William Gilbert Grace, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar and others. But, considering the fact that the game gradually spreads throughout the world, we will surely hear new names in cricket soon.

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