Essay about “A village doctor”

Essay about “A village doctor”

At all times, medicine directly depended on the number of specialists that can work in this area. Everyone wanted to get their share of glory, and for her sake they were ready to make any sacrifices. And when most people were already addicted to doctors, a terrible event happened. All medicine has gone to the big earths, and there is simply nobody to treat ordinary people. Most of the residents were forced to resettle after the doctors, in order to continue to take care of their health. But there were also such specialists that until the last stayed to work on the territory entrusted to them.

We are talking about village doctors, who at different times tried to work in a variety of ways. They never had a single line of conduct, which allowed them to completely forget about the very side of morality. It was necessary to simply treat the inhabitants, using all the options that were at their fingertips. So the light appeared most of the ideals, which are no longer used in medicine.

But the country doctors were starting quite differently. They were considered witches, or wicked sorcerers. No one would like to be at their reception, especially by entrusting their small problem to the crowd. So, the doctors helped secretly, sometimes either persuading the elders to play along their lines of conduct, or simply inventing strange events that can only be saved by contacting them.

Little by little, people stopped being afraid of village doctors, and began to go to them to the reception. But even here the situation developed in a terrible way. Often, to cure the disease using the herbal and potions method was difficult, and normal medications were allocated only for city clinics. It was at that moment that alternative methods of treatment began to develop that could easily be put on foot. So, by nature, village doctors moved medicine forward. Trying to create other directions.

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  1. Rural doctors are actually highly educated specialists. Because this doctor-he is one in the village. He is a pediatrician, a therapist, a surgeon and an ophthalmologist. He needs to provide medical care to all people in all directions.

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